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Dr. Vogel the Brain Surgeon?????

Ok, I know that I’ve been gone for a while but apparently my cable carrier decided to stop carrying Showtime :/ But luckily I was still able to watch. First and foremost, Season 8 episode 8 was one of the greatest sex scenes i’ve seen in all my life! But anyway, when Dexter first walked into his apartment (somewhere around the end of the episode) I was like “that kid looks kinda dead…..) and I was right. He was killed by The Fuckin’ Brain Surgeon, who supposedly was killed by Darkly Dreaming Dexter himself.

Who do you think the REAL Brain Surgeon is?

a) Dirty Dr.vogel

b) Desecrated Deb

c) Crazy Joey Quinn

d) (Any psychopathic person you can think of)


Have you guys been watching Dexter?!?!?!! Its freaking amazing so far. The second episode was just ok, but the premier was impeccable! Deb is a crack head now..lol and Dexter is losing his mind over how he’s going to deal with her *gasp*

Dexter on the Throne ,)

Dexter on the Throne ,)

Dexter is on!

If your not watching, Dexter marathon is on right! Yay! It will be on until 1am tonight





from All Things Dexter http://bit.ly/15kt9u4